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The Best Espresso Machines for Beginners, Upgrades, and Experts

The Rancilio Silvia M

The Rancilio Silvia M is a favorite among beginner and expert baristas alike. With a little trial and error, it can make espresso the quality of machines 3x the price.

  • Beginner Friendly
  • Heats-up in 15-15 minuntes
  • Durable single boiler design
  • Compact - fits under standard cabinet

The Ascaso Steel Duo PID

The Ascaso Steel Duo PID is an intermediate tier espresos machine with many functional features. The Steel Duo PID features two thermoblock heating units allowing you to brew and steam at the same time.

  • Rapid heat-up
  • Professional 58mm portafilter
  • Dual thermoblock technology
  • Volumetric shot-programming
  • Adjustable over-pressure valve

The Lelit Bianca V3

The Lelit Bianca is prosumer level espresso machine packed with premium features. The Bianca is heated by a powerful dual boiler for rapid back-to-back drinks.

  • Advanced Features
  • Professional rotary pump
  • Dual brew, steam pressure gauge
  • Convertable water tank
  • Flow control paddle
The Espresso Blog

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Our interactive quiz will give you personalized recommendations for espresso machines across skill levels. Whether you're new to espresso or an professional home-barista, this quiz has you covered.


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