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By EspressoSetupBuilder

Coffee is the soul of every cup of espresso, embodying an aromatic allure and rich flavors that make the beverage a worldwide favorite. Espresso is a concentrated, often intense coffee brew, celebrated for its robust flavor and captivating aroma, served in small yet impactful servings. When striving for that perfect cup, three critical factors come into play - bean freshness, the grind, and the type of coffee used.

With the holidays quickly approaching, you may be planning the perfect gift for a loved one or yourself. Whether you are just dipping your toes into home espresso or are a seasoned home barista, we've got a recommendation for you. In this comprehensive guide, we will highlight the best espresso setups of 2023. We've selected only the best of the best, the tried and tested, and the assembled the top espresso machines of 2023.

Our interactive quiz will give you personalized recommendations for espresso machines across skill levels. Whether you're new to espresso or an professional home-barista, this quiz has you covered.


New to the world of Espresso? Not even sure what espresso is? This guide covers the basics of espresso and what goes into making a shot of delicious espresso.


Single boiler? Dual boiler? Thermoblock? Getting a bit confused with all the espresso machine terminology? This ESB Learning Guide will help you better understand the different type of espresso machines on the market, and what to look for when buying your first, or fifth espresso machine.