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If you're looking for the best espresso accessories for your brew bar, look no further. Whether you're compiling your planning your next espresso setup, or just got a new machine and are looking to upgrade your workflow, this list has you covered. This list highlights 15 of the best accessories with pictures, and descriptions, and links of where to buy.

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Accessories For Beginner Baristas

Best Espresso Accessoires For Beginners

Espresso Scale | $49

A scale is the most essential accessory there is. Measuring your dose (coffee in) and yield (liquid espresso out) is the first step to "dialing-in" coffee and ensuring you get the perfect shot. If you're just starting out, getting a high-quality coffee scale with a timer like the Normcore is the perfect first step. This scale is compact, rechargeable, and comes packed with features specifically designed for home espresso.

Normcore WDT Distribution Tool | $42

Distributing your coffee grounds in the portafilter is the most important step in the puck-prep process. Using an espresso needle distributor to properly mix your coffee before tamping helps ensure water interacts with the coffee evenly, leading to proper extraction while avoiding channeling. The Normcore WDT V3 sets the standard with .3 mm distribution needles and a stand to ensure you don't poke yourself when it's time to distribute.

MHW-3Bomber Knock Box | $23

An espresso knock box is a must-have accessory for any home. An knock box allows you to quickly and cleanly dispose of your espresso pucks after each shot, avoiding a soupy trip back and forth to the dirty trash can.The MHW knock box is an affordable and functional knock box designed to hold up to 10 pucks, while remaining small enough to fit on even the most compact espresso bars.

Accessories For Breville Machines

Best Espresso Accessoires For Breville Machines

54mm Magnetic Dosing Funnel | $28

Have you ever tried to transfer your freshly ground coffee into your Breville portafilter, only to have the grounds overflow out of the portafilter and onto the ground

If so, this 54mm magnetic espresso dosing funnel is the accessory for you. Designed specifically for Breville machines like the Bambino and Barista Express, this accessory will help you transfer your ground coffee into your portafilter and can be easily removed after tamping!

Normcore 54mm Bottomless Portafilter | $63

If you're looking to up your espresso game while being able to watch your beautiful extraction, then an espresso bottomless portafilter is the perfect upgrade. Bottomless portafilters allow you to better understand how your shot is extracting, make clean-up easier, and are absolutely gorgeous to watch.

This Normcore bottomless portafilter is the perfect Breville espresso machine accessory, and is designed to work with all standard 54mm non-pressurized baskets incluind the Bambino Plus or Barista Express Pro.

Combination Distributor Tamper | $22

Breville machines are famous for their high value and impressive espresso for the price. Breville is also notorious for including poor-quality plastic tampers with their entry-level machines like the Bambino.

Tamping with even pressure and weight is an extremely important input for good extraction, and this all metal distributor and tamper helps remove the guess-work in your puck prep. The leveler helps prepare your grounds for an even shot, and the palm tamper is adjustable to better dial in your tamp depth.

Accessories For E61 Machines

Best Espresso Accessoires For E61 Machines

Lucca Flow Control Kit | $245

A flow control kit is the single biggest upgrade you can bring to your E61 machine. Replacing the standard E61 group mushroom, this flow control kit gives you total control over the flow rate of water into the puck.

Whether you want to fine-tune your pre-infusion for light roasts or imitate extraction of classic sprung-lever machines, this flow control kit will give you infinite possibilities to control your shot perfectly.

Walnut 58mm Bottomless Portafilter | $130

A bottomless portafilter is a go-to upgrade for E61 Baristas who are looking to diagnose their shots better while enjoying the beauty of the extraction process. This Clive Coffee bottomless portafilter is made with high-quality wood and stainless-steel and is designed to work with all standard non-pressurized baskets.

58mm Magnetic Dosing Funnel | $28

If you find yourself grinding directly into your portafilter or WDT'ing with intensity, you may also find yourself with grounds flung across your coffee bar and floor.

A dosing funnel is an affordable and practical accessory that will help keep the grounds in the portafilter during grinding, distribution, and tamping and can be quickly removed for extraction. This is the perfect epsresso accessory to quickly and easily improve your workflow.

Accessories For Better Extraction

Best Espresso Accessoires For Better Extraction

Mesh Puck Screen | $14

While the shower screen is designed to help distribute water into the puck, not all shower screens are created equal. A puck screen sits atop your tamped coffee and helps further distribute water to ensure even extraction. Puck screens also ensure that your shower screen and group head stay clean!

Precision Basket | $35

The Basket sits inside the portafilter and is responsible for holding the coffee puck and releasing liquid espresso out of the bottom of the portafilter.

While all baskets may look the same to the naked eye, the precision and design of the holes vary greatly and can impact flow rate, extraction, and flavor. If you want to experiment with high extraction or flow rate, a precision basket is the perfect accessory.

Black Mirror Nano Scale With Flow Rate | $89

A scale is a mandatory accessory to help dial in your espresso at home. While most scales just allow you to measure your dose in and yield out, the Black Mirror Nano is packed with features to improve your extraction process.

Small enough to sit on most drip trays, the Nano has an espresso-specific mode that calculates the flow rate in real time. Pair this with flow control to adjust your extraction on the fly and gain ultimate control over extraction.

Accessories To Improve Workflow

Best Espresso Accessoires For Imrpvoed Workflow

Barista Towels | $14

Simple and effective. Espresso can get messy, and picking up a handful of micro-fiber towels will help ensure you keep your workspace clean. Use these towels to clean your portafilter before adding grounds, protect your workspace while purging your steam wand, and clean up any messes you make while attempting new latte art. These microfiber towels will help keep your brew bar clean, without scratching up your equipment.

Tamping Station | $89

If you're slinging back-to-back espressos and need a place to keep all your puck-prep equipment, then a tamping station is the accessory for you.

Made from high-quality American Walnut, the Normcore Compact Tamping Station includes a place for you to tamp your puck, a place to store your tamper, and even storage for your WDT and puck screens.

Airscape Coffee Canister | $36

Buying coffee in bulk is a great way to save money and really dial in a specific bean. An Airscape is the perfect tool to ensure your beans stay fresh for an extended period of time without ever putting them out of your reach.

With an optional one-way valve, the Airscape lets you off-gas your beans after roasting and then close the valve to ensure a vacuum seal for extended longevity.

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