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Turin DF54 vs Baratza Encore ESP Espresso Grinder Comparison


The Baratza Encore ESP has been a staple in entry-level espresso setups for years. With an affordable $199 price tag, full range grind, and modest but respectable conical burrs, the Encore ESP has earned its place as a go-to option. The recently announced DF54 , however, looks to disrupt the Encore ESP and become the gold standard of entry-level espresso grinders.

The DF54, a compact, 54mm flat burr grinder, is a functional little brother of the DF64. With full grind range, stepless adjustment, and an eye-watering price tag, the DF54 is set to disrupt the market and step into the spotlight.

In this grinder comparison, we'll examine how these two products compare and contrast across six categories ranging from build and grind to price and availability, and we'll share what we recommend in 2024.

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Build and Design

DF54 vs Baratza Encore ESP Dimensions 2024

Dosing Style

The most significant difference between the Encore ESP and the DF54 can be easily spotted at first glance. The Encore ESP uses a hopper-style dosing design, while the DF54 uses a single dose with bellows.

The Baratza Encore ESP has a 230g (8oz) hopper attached to the top of the feeder and is designed to grind through one type of bean at a time.

The DF54 takes a more modern approach by using a single dosing mechanism that can fit ~20 grams of coffee at a time. On top of the single-dosing feeder is a rubber bellows that pushes air through the grind chamber, forcing out excess grinds and reducing retention.


Both of these grinders have simple designs that index functionality over outright beauty.

The DF54 uses a more conical shape structure with a simple rounded-flat base and a top-loading single dose below. The Encore ESP has a slightly more organic shape with flat sides and a gentle curve from base to top. While neither grinder is a standout in the looks department, we prefer the simple shapes and angles of the DF54.

Material & Color

The two grinders continue to diverge when looking at their overall build quality. The Encore ESP is almost entirely plastic. A plastic body, plastic power buttons, and a plastic hopper. Although the quality of the Encore ESP is not lacking, the overall feel is.

The DF54 uses a powder-coated aluminum body, a steel adjustment collar, and a wood bellows topper. This difference is noticeable immediately in overall feel and weight.


Speaking of - the DF54, even with a smaller footprint, comes in at a heavier 4.5kg (10 lbs) compared to the 3.1kg (6.8 lbs) of the Encore ESP. Neither grinder is too heavy to lift and adjust, but the weight of the DF54 will be a welcome indicator of quality.


Both of these grinders represent compact, entry-level options designed to fit in any home setup. As a result, both are on the smaller side compared to larger, more powerful alternatives.

The Baratza Encore ESP is the slightly larger of the two, with a width x depth x height of 13x15x34 cm (5.1x5.9x13.4"). The DF54 is smaller with a width x depth x height of 11.4x17.8x30.5 (4.5x7x12").

Burrset and Grind

DF54 Burrs vs Encore ESP Burrs 2024

Burr Type

Although these two grinders have quite a few meaningful differences in overall design and build, the most impactful differences come when looking inside.

While the Baratza Encore ESP uses smaller, conical burrs to grind a dose of espresso, the DF54 uses more respectable flat burrs. And while flavor cannot be attributed directly to burr type, the DF54 is expected to have a more clear and refined taste compared to the Encore ESP.

Burr Size

In addition to a difference in burr type, these two grinders also have a difference in overall burr diameter. The Baratza Encore ESP uses 40mm conical burrs, while the DF54 uses much larger 54mm flats.

Until now, the most affordable home-use grinder that used such large flat burrs was the Eureka Mignon Specialita, which comes in at nearly triple the price!

Burr Material

One place where these two grinders do share similar qualities is in the overall burr material. Both grinders use steel burrsets that will last hundreds and thousands of grinders before needing to be replaced.

The Encore ESP uses Baratza's M2 model of conical burr, while the DF54 uses custom-made stainless steel.


As the coffee is ground, some fine particles and pieces are likely to become stuck inside the grind chamber and output shoot, a symptom known as retention.

The DF54 is advertised to have functionally zero retention, with less than 0.1 gram for each dose. Included on the DF54 are the integrated bellows that help reduce this even further by forcing air through the grind chamber and out the shoot. In addition, the DF54 has an anti-popcorn device and plasma generator (ionizer) to limit beans getting stuck in the hopper and from static electricity, respectively.

The Baratza Encore ESB has slightly more retention by design and often can experience 0.25g to 0.5g in retention, adding another step of weighing the grounds post-grind to ensure a proper dose.

Adjustment and Grind Range

DF54 Stepless Adjustment vs Encore ESP Stepped 2024

Adjustment Mechanism

The vast majority of entry-level espresso grinders use a stepped adjustment mechanism; that is, the grind has pre-determined grind size steps that are discrete and unchangeable. The Encore ESP uses a stepped adjustment mechanism with 20 espresso-specific grind size options.

The DF54 brings stepless adjustment to entry-level home espresso, a feature that is long past due. Stepless adjustment allows the burrs to be moved closer together or further apart on a stepless continuum, meaning there are infinite grind options with no pre-determined steps. Stepless adjustment is the gold standard for espresso grinders and is found on the vast majority of premium espresso grinders.

Grind Range

Both the Baratza Encore ESP and DF54 are designed to grind across a full range of brew methods. While both grinders are designed with espresso in mind, they are each capable of grinding from pour-over all the way down to espresso.

Power and Accessories

Wattage & Motor

The Baratza Encore ESP is equipped with a small yet mighty 70W motor that spins the 40mm conical burrs at roughly 550 RPM (without beans).

The DF54 deploys more than double that with a 150W motor spinning the 54mm flat burrs. As of Jan 2024, RPM information has yet to be released. If the DF54 is anything like its larger DF64 sibling, the RPM will be pushing 1000 or more.

Dosing Cup

It's quite clear that the Baratza Encore ESP was built with Breville in mind. The included plastic dosing cup is designed to be directly dosed into Breville's 54mm portafilter and only comes with a rubber adapter for 58mm portafilter use.

The DF54 is optimized for more commercial-style machines with a food-safe 58mm dosing cup. In addition, the DF54's dosing cup is fully transparent compared to the smoke plastic on the Encore ESP.

Other Accessories

One area where the Baratza Encore ESP stands out is the inclusion of accessories in the greater grinder package. The Encore ESP comes with a dosing chamber, the optional dosing cup, a dosing cup riser (to get the cup closer to the ground shoot), and a cleaning brush.

Prior to the initial release, the DF54 looks like it will come with slightly fewer add-ons, with just a dosing cup and portafilter holder adapter.

Pricing and Availability


While the Baratza Encore ESP has ruled the entry-level price point at a modest $199, the DF54 has come to disrupt that reign.

The DF54 is set to MSRP at $229, only $30 more than the Baratza Encore ESP. And for those 30 extra dollars, the DF54 is equipped with much more robust 54mm flat burrs and true stepless adjustment.


As of January 2024, the DF54 grinder has yet to be released en mass. The two primary vendors of the DF54 in the United States - Turin and MiiCoffee - have announced the grinder with late March or early April shipment dates.

The Baratza Encore ESP remains widely available through almost all online vendors, including Amazon.

Which Should You Buy?

The Baratza Encore ESP is a staple for a reason. It is affordable, readily available, and highly reliable. Pair it with the Breville Bambino, and you're making delicious espresso for $500 flat.

But, the time era of the Encore ESP may be drawing to a close. The DF54, priced remarkably similarly, offers features and functionality not found on any other grinders in the price bracket. If you are able to wait even just 60 days to get your first espresso grinder, the DF54 is a much better offering. With a better burrset, true stepless adjustment, and higher output, all in a smaller package, the DF54 is set to become the new kind of entry-level grinder in 2024.

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