The 5 Best DF64 Grinders for Espresso

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Best DF64 Grinders

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Turin DF64 Gen 1Flat 64mm ItalMill
MiiCoffee DF64PFlat 64mm ItalMill
Turin DF64 Gen 2Flat 64mm ItalMill
Lucca DF64 w/ SSPFlat 64mm SSP HU or MP
Turin DF64 Gen 2 w/ SSPFlat 64mm SSP HU or MP
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What are DF64 Grinders?

Chinese Grinders, Sold Worldwide

The DF64 grinder is an extremely popular and highly successful single-dose espresso grinder released in 2021. It quickly rose to fame as the "Niche Killer" and hoped to displace the Niche as the go-to single-dose grinder in the U.S.

Although DF64 grinders are sold in the United States by brands such as Turin and MiiCoffee, the DF64 grinder is actually designed and manufactured in China by Ningbo Frigga.

Ningbo Frigga, based in Ningbo City, China, is an appliance company focused on commercial and home-use espresso equipment. Ningbo partners with distributors worldwide to sell the DF64 (and other DF products) under private labels.

Turin DF64 vs MiiCoffee DF64

In the United States, two of the biggest private labels of the DF64 grinder are Turin and MiiCoffee. Turin is often credited for bringing the DF64 to the U.S. market and, as such, has become the primary version of the DF64 in the United States.

Although Turin and MiiCoffee are the two most prominent private labels, many other brands, including G-IOTA, Coffee Tech, and even Lucca (Clive Coffee), sell the DF64.

Often, the primary difference between vendors is price and availability, as well as add-ons and warranties. When in doubt, go with the brand with the best price and highest reputation. (Note: ESB currently partners with Turin and Lucca to share their DF64 options).

Why is the DF64 Grinder Special?

DF64 Grinder

Large Swappabe Flat Burrs

One of the most appealing aspects of the DF64 is its massive 64mm ItalMill burrset. Before the introduction of the DF64, 64mm flat burr grinders often retailed for $700-$1,000, a price out of reach for many espresso enthusiasts.

The DF64 also revolutionized the market with the introduction of highly-available and easily-swappable burrs. Partnering with Sung Sim Precision, a high-end burr manufacturer, the simple design of the DF64 allows home baristas to swap the stock burrset for burrs designed for a specific brew method or flavor profile.

Full Grind Range

Following in the footsteps of the Niche Zero, the DF64 looked to grind coffee across a full range - pour-over to espresso. Unlike the 55mm flat burr Eureka Mignon Specialita, which can functionally only grind for espresso, the DF64 offered a full grind range, at a faster productivity rate, for a lower price.

An Iterative Approach at an Affordable Price

While many espresso products remain unchanged after its initial release, the DF64 has gone through many iterations and improvements since its 2021 release. The DF64 Gen 1 saw five versions with minor workflow and cosmetic changes. In 2023, the DF64 Gen 2 was released, signaling the work by Turin, MiiCoffee, and Ningbo to address the most significant complaints and wish-list items by DF64 users.

The DF64 was also released (and has remained) at an astonishingly low price - between $350 and $399. This price has undercut almost every other grinder on the market and, as a result, has made the DF64 one of the top-selling grinders of the past few years.

What are the Burr Options for DF64 Grinders?

In 2024, there are three primary 64mm SSP burrs that are offered with the DF64. All of the burrsets will make delicious coffee, but choosing a burrset depends on the brewing method and flavor profile you are looking for.

SSP High Uniformity (HU)

The High Uniformity burrset is an SSP adapted version of more traditional espresso burrs, offering a more traditional espresso flavor profile compared to other SSP burrs.

The HU burrset offers more texture and mouthfeel at the cost of slightly less clarity. If you are a fan of traditional espresso flavors, the HU burrs are an excellent option.

SSP Unimodal (Multi-Purpose)

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the SSP Unimodal / Multi-Purpose burrs. This burrset offers more flavor clarity with an overall lower texture.

The MP burrset is best suited for medium to light roasts, as well as for other brewing methods such as pour-over.

SSP Brew Burrs (Brewing)

Although not recommended for pure espresso drinkers, SSP also offers Brew burrs designed for non-espresso brew methods. SSP Brew burrs have very high clarity and very low texture.

How to Choose a DF64 Grinder?

Brew Purpose

While the majority of the DF64 grinder options are designed for a full range of brewing, some designs, such as the DF64P, are specifically designed for espresso.

If you are planning on only drinking espresso, then any of the DF64 models will work for you. However, if you plan on brewing pour-over or French press, write off the DF64P / DF64E models, as they will not work for you.

Burr & Flavor

After deciding what type of brew methods you will use, it is then best to pick what flavor profile you are looking for. If you are starting with espresso, then sticking to the standard ItalMill burrs is a perfect option.

But, if you have started to refine your espresso palate, or are looking to complement a specific roast style, then deciding between the SSP High Uniformity and SSP Unimodal burrs will help narrow down the best option for you. Remember - HU burrs are best for traditional espresso with high texture. In contrast, Unimodal burrs are best for more modern flavors and clarity.

Price & Availability

For better or worse, the DF64 has become extremely popular in the U.S.A. As a result, the more recent versions of the DF64 are often challenging to find in stock and have a 6-8-week lead time from Ningbo City.

If you can stomach the lead time, most private labels offer pre-orders for the grinder and burrs. If not, many of the older versions (Gen 1 V5) are available from the previous overstock.

DF64 Gen 2 vs DF64 Gen 1

When it comes to the DF64, one of the most common questions is the difference between the DF64 Gen 2 and the DF64 Gen 1. Although the heart of the grinder has remained the same, the DF64 Gen 2 has made some meaningful improvements to design and workflow.

DF64 Gen 2 vs. DF64 Gen 1 V5


When looking over the new DF64 Gen 2, a few design changes can be spotted. While the DF64 Gen 1 came with an often colorful vinyl wrap, the Gen 2 offers simpler and sleeker black and white options.

In addition, the DF64 has seen some ergonomic and aesthetic advancements, with an offset power button, aluminum dosing cup, and wooden lid.


The DF64 Gen 2 has also made advancements in workflow and usability. The Gen 2 now includes an antipopcorn disc in the single-dose hopper to prevent beans from bounding during grinding.

In combination with the antipopcorning device, the high 1400 RPM of the Gen 2 DF64 means that it can dose a double shot in 6-10 seconds. And although the Gen 2 is an overall faster grinder, it still produces less mess than the Gen 1 with the redesigned declumper to address static and espresso 'dust' known as 'fines.'


As of 2024, both the DF64 Gen 2 and Gen 1 V5 are available for purchase. The DF64 Gen 2 with stock burrs retails for $399, while the Gen 1 is often available at $350.

Note: while the standard price is $399 for the DF64 Gen 2, some retailers opt for a permanent "sale," setting the MSRP at $599 and offering a temporary price of $399. If you are shopping for a DF64, be aware that $399 is the market price.

The Top 5 Best DF64 Grinders

MSRP: $3491. Turin DF64 Gen 1

MSRP: $349

Price at Publish:

For Those Who Want
High Value
Flat 64mm ItalMill
Grind Range
Full Range

If you are just getting into espresso and are looking for a high-value-for-the-price grinder, the DF64 Gen 1 is a phenomenal option.

Still available in 2024, the Turin version of the DF64 Gen 1 produces consistently high-quality espresso. Plus, the V5 has recently started to include the aluminum dosing cup and collar that is advertised as an improvement on the Gen 2.

MSRP: $3992. MiiCoffee DF64P

MSRP: $399

Price at Publish:

For Those Who Want
Espresso Only
Flat 64mm ItalMill
Grind Range
Espresso Only

If you are looking for a high-value DF64 that will only be used for espresso, then the MiiCoffee DF64P is a great option.

The DF64P was explicitly designed to reduce retention and has an alternate adjustment mechanism that sits underneath the catch cup. The DF64P also includes aesthetic wood accents compared to the aluminum accents of the DF64 Gen 1.

Note: While the DF64 is an strong option for the price, Turin and other vendors have started to phase out the DF64P, and therefore, they may be difficult to source.

MSRP: $3993. Turin DF64 Gen 2

MSRP: $399

Price at Publish:

For Those Who Want
Improved Workflow & Flavor
Flat 64mm ItalMill
Grind Range
Full Range

If you want the latest version of the DF64, then the Gen 2 is the option for you. Full of cosmetic and workflow upgrades, the DF64 Gen 2 hit the market as one of the hottest items of late 2023 and early 2024.

While the DF64 Gen 2 is a beautiful choice, the Spring of 2024 has seen extremely limited availability and inventory. If your heart is set on the Gen 2 DF64, expect to wait 6-8 weeks for a restock by any major US Vendor.

MSRP: $5804. Lucca DF64 with SSP

MSRP: $580

Price at Publish:

For Those Who Want
Top Flavor, Pre-Algined
Flat 64mm SSP HU or MP
Grind Range
Full Range

If you are looking for great flavor and great availability, take a look at the Lucca DF64 with SSP burrs. Lucca, a private label by Clive Coffee, offers the Gen 1 V5 DF64 with pre-installed and pre-aligned SSP burrs.

While the Lucca DF64 is technically the Gen 1 V5, Clive Coffee is known for its quality and customer service. The pre-alignment is a great value add-on for baristas who have discerning palates but not a mechanical inclination to do their own burr alignment.

MSRP: $5805. Turin DF64 Gen 2 with SSP

MSRP: $580

Price at Publish:

For Those Who Want
The Best, and Can Wait
Flat 64mm SSP HU or MP
Grind Range
Full Range

If you will only accept the latest and greatest, the DF64 Gen 2 with SSP burrs is the only option for you. With a higher price tag than the stock ItalMill burrs, the DF64 Gen 2 with SSP is best for home baristas who know what they are looking for.

Similar to the stock DF64 Gen 2, be prepared to wait for 6-8 weeks for delivery and to align the SSP burrs yourself. Just know that your patience and effort will be rewarded, and you'll be making delicious espresso for years to come.

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