The 5 Best Eureka Mignon Grinders for Espresso

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Best Eureka Mignon Grinders

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Eureka Mignon NottePress and Hold
Eureka Mignon SilenzioGrind by Time
Eureka Mignon SpecialitaGrind by Time
Eureka Mignon LibraGrind by Weight
Eureka Mignon OroSingle Dose
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What are Eureka Mignon Grinders?

Eureka Mignon Grinder

Specialty Espresso Grinders

Founded in 1920, Eureka is a brand of specialty coffee products, namely espresso grinders designed for use in both the home and commercial spaces. Eureka, based out of Florence, Italy, is known for its high-quality products that are entirely hand-assembled in their Florentine factory.

Classic Italian Design

Mignon is the home line of Eureka grinders that all follow a similar set of design and functionality principles. Eureka Mignon grinders can be easily identified by their classic Italian square design and often sport eye-catching chrome finishes or trim. Almost all Eureka Mignon grinders use a hopper-style design and are grind-on-demand machines that dose by time or weight.

How do Eureka Mignon Grinders Work?

Direct Drive Motor

Most all Eureka Mignon grinders share a similar internal motor. Rated at 310W, the single-phase direct drive mote spins the internal burrs at 1350 RPM, achieving a grind productivity of 1.0 - 2.5 grams per second.

Precision Flat Burrs

Driven by the powerful motor, Eureka Mignon grinders use hardened steel flat burrs ranging between 50 and 55 mm in diameter. These burrs give a balanced taste profile that is capable of producing classic flavors from darker espresso roasts while also being able to pull more nuance from modern-style light roasts.

Stepless Adjustment

All Eureka Mignon grinders use stepless adjustment - that is, the ability to change the distance between the two counter-spinning burrs on a continuum. This stepless design allows Mignon grinders to have extremely precise adjustments and fine-tune the exact size of the grind for each type of bean origin and roast level.

How to Choose an Eureka Mignon Grinder?

Hopper or Single Dose

When choosing a grinder, the first question to ask yourself is, do you prefer to single-dose or grind on demand? While most Eureka Mignon grinders use a high-capacity bean hopper to grind based on time or weight, Eureka does offer single-dose options as well.

If you find yourself making lots of drinks back-to-back, then a hopper style is likely the pick for you. Conversely, if you like to switch between multiple types of beans throughout the day or week (such as decaf), then a single-dose model will likely be easier to work with.

Dosing Type

The dosing type refers to the mechanism in which the grinder crushes the correct amount of coffee. Most Mignon grinds grind by weight, either by a physical adjustment knob or via a digital display.

Some Eureka grinders use more advanced grind-by-weight functionality or less complex press-and-hold dosing. Deciding what sort of dosing you want will help you narrow down your options.

Burr Size

Eureka Mignon grinders come in two different burr-size options: 50mm and 55mm. The most significant impact of burr size is the grind speed. 50mm Eureka grinders output approximately 1 gram every second, while larger 55mm grinders output 1.5 grams per second. Burr size is a less important variable but still worth considering when selecting your grinder.

Comparison: Eureka Mignon Specialita vs. Niche Zero

One of the most common questions when looking at Eureka Mignon Grinders is how they stack up against alternate brands. The Eureka Mignon Specialita is seen as Eureka's go-to Mignon model and is often compared to the Niche Zero. When deciding on what brand of grinder to go with, consider the following differences:

Eureka Mignon Specialita vs. Niche Zero


Upon first glance, one of the biggest differences between the Eureka Mignon Specialita vs. The Niche Zero is the dosing type. The Eureka Mignon Specialita uses a 300-gram hopper that can store an entire bag of beans at once. The Specialita doses from this hopper using grind-by-time functionality, which can be set to a tenth of a second via a touchscreen digital display.

The Niche Zero, on the other hand, uses a single dosing hopper that can only fit up to 55 grams at a time. This single-dose design is designed for home baristas who like to swap between beans and brew types frequently and is manually turned on and off via an aluminum toggle switch.

Burr Type

The Eureka Mignon Specialita is designed with 55mm flat burrs, designed for a balanced yet slightly more modern flavor profile. The Niche Zero uses larger, 63mm conical burrs that are known for a rich and more complex flavor profile.

While these two grinders have different sizes and shapes of burrs, it is worth noting that neither burr design is designed for only one type of bean. Both grinders are capable of producing classic flavors as well as modern flavors, depending on the bean origin and roast.


The unique designs of these two grinders do not stop with the hopper style vs single-dose style dosing. The Specialita, like all Eureka Mignon grinders, is known for its classic square shape and shiny chrome finish.

The Niche Zero steps away from this design towards a more contemporary arrangement, full of organic shapes and natural tones. The Niche Zero comes in white or black, with wooden feet and dosing tray.

The Top 5 Best Eureka Mignon Grinders

In 2024, Eureka offers 15 unique Mignon Models. Below are Espresso Setup Builders' Top 5 hand-selected Eureka Mignon grinders for espresso.

MSRP: $3291. Eureka Mignon Notte

MSRP: $329

Price at Publish:

Entry Level
Flat 50mm Steel
Press & Hold

The Notte is one of Eureka's most affordable grinders and the best entry-level espresso grinder in the Mignon Line. The Notte, referred to as the Manuale in the EU, uses 50mm flat burrs and a simple press-and-hold interface to grind a dose of espresso in approximately 15 seconds.

The Notte is able to keep costs down by eliminating much of the overhead added by excess features such as built-in-timers and shiny chrome finishes. Featuring a simple matte black finish, the Notte is everything you need from an espresso grinder and nothing more.

MSRP: $4992. Eureka Mignon Silenzio

MSRP: $499

Price at Publish:

Flat 50mm Steel
Grind by Time, Press & Hold

The Silenzio is a go-to recommendation in the Mignon Line as it strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability. Using the same 50mm flat burrs as the Notte, the Silenzio comes with both grind-by-time and press-and-hold dosing.

The Silenzio really shines with Eureka's "Silent Technology," which is functionally extra noise-insulation around the grinding chamber. While the Silenzio lacks a digital display, setting grind time via a more simple dial-knob, it sits at an attractive price point and is known to create consistent quality grinds.

MSRP: $6993. Eureka Mignon Specialita

MSRP: $699

Price at Publish:

Intermediate to Advanced
Flat 55mm Steel
LCD Display, Grind by Time, Press & Hold

The Specialita is Eureka's most popular Mignon Grinder. Known for its stunning chrome finish and user-friendly touchscreen display, the Specialita presents a quality grind in an elegant package.

The Specialita uses 55m flat burrs for a faster grind compared to the Silenzio and comes with a touchscreen display to adjust the grind to a tenth of a second. The Specialita's digital display can also save two preset grind times for different doses of beans.

MSRP: $7994. Eureka Mignon Libra

MSRP: $799

Price at Publish:

Flat 55mm Steel
LCD Display, Grind by Weight

The Libra stands unique among Mignon grinders with grind-by-weight dosing. Compared to the standard grind-by-time of the Specialita, the Libra uses its digital display to set and save two preset dose weights. Upon activation, the built-in pressure scale senses the weight on the grounds dispensed and shots of the grinder when the dose has been reached.

The Libra takes the best elements of the Specialita and makes them better with its grind-by-weight technology. Using 55mm hardened steel flat burrs, the Libra can grind a dose of espresso in approximately 11 seconds, although users of the Libra never have to think of dosing time again.

MSRP: $8695. Eureka Mignon Oro

MSRP: $869

Price at Publish:

Flat 65mm Pure Diamond®
Single Dose

The Oro is Eureka's 'grinder of tomorrow.' Featuring 65mm 'Pure Diamond' flat burrs, the Oro is a titled base single-dose grinder with a host of features that set it apart from other Eureka Mignon grinders.

The Oro is designed with the Eureka ELR System (Extremely Low Retention), Blow Up functionality to clear the grind chamber after each grind, and high productivity that will grind a dose of espresso in under 7 seconds. Although Eureka is a little late to the single-dose revolution, the Oro represents the best that the Florentine company has to offer.

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