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Baratza Encore ESP Grinder


The Baratza Encore ESP is a go-to grinder for baristas just getting into home espresso. The Encore ESP is Baratza's second iteration of its massively popular Encore, adding the 'ESP' to denote the espresso-centric design. Competitively priced at $199, the Encore ESP packs a ton of value into a small package.

In this grinder spotlight, we will explore the Baratza Encore ESP, highlight some of its notable features, and compare the Baratza Encore ESP to the Fellow Opus.

Let's get brewing!

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Grinder Overview

Baratza Encore ESP Espresso Grinder

User-Friendly Design

The Encore ESP was designed by Baratza to be as simple and user-friendly as possible. With one side slider switch to toggle the machine on and off, and one front button to press and hold grind, the Encore ESP does everything you need to grind espresso and nothing more.

Large Hopper

Atop the matte black or white body sits a large 300g bean hopper to hold nearly an entire bag of fresh coffee. When the grinder is activated, beans are gravity-fed from the hopper into the grind chamber.

If you are not a fan of the large hopper design, the Encore ESP is also compatible with a Baratza single-dose hopper to load in one dose of coffee at a time.

Stepped Adjustment

The Baratza Encore ESP uses a stepped adjustment mechanism with 40 individual grind settings ranging from espresso -fine to cold -brew-coarse.

While higher-end espresso grinders often adjust the grind size on a stepless continuum, many entry-level grinders, such as the Encore ESP, opt for more simple and affordable stepped adjustment mechanisms.

Conical Burrs

Inside the Baratza Encore ESPs grind chamber sits 40mm conical steel burrs. The Baratza M2 burrs are cone-shaped and are adjusted closer together or further apart for a finer or coarser grind, respectively.

Powered with a 70W motor, the Baratza Encore ESP spins at 550 RPM and can grind a dose of espresso in 15-18 seconds.

What Makes the Baratza Encore ESP Special?

Full Grind Range

One of the most attractive offerings of the Baratza Encore ESP is its ability to grind across a full range of coffee. While many espresso-specific grinders can only adjust their burrs to grind for espresso, the Encore ESP has a dedicated grind range for espresso and a separate dedicated range for alternate brew methods.

The Encore ESP has a simple numbered adjustment collar activated by spinning the hopper clockwise or counterclockwise (CONFIRM). Setting #1 - 20 on the Encore ESP are considered the 'high-resolution' adjustments and are meant for the small grind adjustments necessary for espresso. Settings #21 - 40 have larger adjustments for each step and are suited for brew methods such as filter, cold brew, or French press.

Packaged with Accessories

The Encore ESP comes with quite a few accessories that make getting started with espresso a breeze. In the box is a dosing box, a 54mm dosing cup designed for Breville products, and a 58mm rubber adapter for commercial-style portafilters

When the Encore ESP is ready for a cleaning, the quick-release burr system and included cleaning brush make clearing out the grind chamber simple and painless.

High-Value Package

The Encore ESP packs a punch when it comes to value for the price. While there are many grinders on the market in the sub-$200 range, the Encore ESP is likely the most affordable option that can truly grind for espresso day after day.

Comparison: Baratza Encore ESP vs. Fellow Opus

Baratza Encore ESP vs. Fellow Opus

Grind Adjustment

The biggest difference between the Baratza Encore ESP and the Fellow Opus is the grind adjustment. While the Encore ESP uses a simple rotating hopper collar, the Opus uses a two-phase system that is cumbersome for espresso.

To adjust the Opus for espresso, you have to change two adjustment mechanisms, known as the "outer ring" and "inner ring." The inner ring, which is capable of the small adjustments necessary for espresso, can only be changed from the underside of the grind chamber after removing the load bin.

Design & Workflow

Both the Encore ESP and Fellow Opus use an on/off toggle for manual grinding and dosing. The Opus includes auto shutoff after an extended period to avoid over-grinding.

While the Encore ESP has a more contemporary approach, the Opus takes a modern approach with sharp lines and a defined conical grind chamber. The Opus uses a smaller 110g capacity that has to be re-loaded more often but is better for a single-dosing workflow.

Motor & Grind

Internally, both the Baratza Encore ESP and Fellow Opus have similar components. The Opus grinds slightly slower at 330 RPM compared to the 550 RPM of the Encore ESP.

Both grinders use 40m conical burrs, although Fellow advertises the Opus with an optional DLC (diamond-like-coating) burrset to prolong the life of the burrs.

Given the similar internals, both grinders produce an identical grind consistency and flavor. If you index on ease of use and workflow, sticking with the Encore ESP's simple adjustment collar is likely the right decision. However, if you prefer design above all else, then the Fellow Opus is hard to beat.

Pricing and Availability


The Baratza Encore ESP is priced at a highly competitive $199. With many hand-grinders priced at this point, the ESP offers a ton of value for the price.

As the Encore ESP is an extremely popular grinder, it seldom goes on meaningful sales. The ESP can be spotted up to $25 off during the holidays and at other peak sales.


As the Baratza Encore ESP is massively popular in the home espresso space, it is available at almost all online and brick-and-mortar retailers.

Espresso Setup Builder partners with Clive Coffee , Seattle Coffee Gear , and Amazon, and you can find the Encore ESP on each of their sites.

The Final Sip

The Baratza Encore ESP is the go-to entry-level espresso grinder, and for good reason. With a full-range grind, intuitive workflow, and a complement of accessories, the Encore ESP provides everything you need to get started brewing delicious espresso at home.

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