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Kingrinder K6 Espresso Grinder Review Spotlight


The Kingrinder K6 is a phenomenon in the world of home espresso. A grinder priced frequently under $100 that has a premium build, simple workflow, and, above all else - is capable of delivering delicious espresso shot after shot. This small but mighty hand grinder has redefined affordable home espresso and is one of our Entry-Level Grinder Top picks for 2024.

In this grinder review spotlight, we'll review the Kingrinder K6, highlight why the grinder packs such a punch, and compare the Kingrinder K6 to the 1Zpresso J Max.

Let's get brewing!

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Grinder Overview

Kingrinder K6 Features 2024

Manual Hand Grinder

The Kingrinder K6 is a manual hand grinder. That is a grinder that does not have an attached motor. In order to grind the whole bean coffee in the K6, the user must spin an included crank arm. Grinding a dose of coffee with Kingrinder K6 to an espresso-level consistency takes between 45 seconds and 1 minute of continuous grinding.

Single Dosing Capacity

The vast majority of manual hand grinders are built with a small footprint and are designed to be compact and easy for travel. The Kingrinder K6 is no different. With an overall height of 17cm (6.7") and a circular body of 5cm (2") in diameter, the Kingrinder K6 is easy to pack away and carry.

Atop the narrow body is a single dosing chute that can fit up to 35 grams of coffee, perfect for an 18-gram dose double shot of espresso. The grind chamber hosting 48mm conical burrs is closed off by a simple removable lid that slots in with a friction-tight fit.

Stepped Adjustment

The Kingrinder K6 uses a stepped adjustment mechanism with a 16-micron difference between each step. While the K6 isn't quite as fine as a proper stepless adjustment mechanism, it has no issues making the minute changes required to dial in espresso.

The Kingrinder K6 is adjusted by spinning the upper chamber, which shifts the burrs closer together or further apart. The K6 has 60 grind settings per rotation and can rotate multiple times through the marked grind settings.

What Makes the Kingrinder K6 Special?

Incredible Build Quality

Perhaps the most impressive part of the Kingrinder K6 is its frankly incredible build quality. Built with quality machined aluminum, the Kingrinder K6 has a premium feel that is accented by the embossed rubber hand grip.

In addition, the Kingrinder K6 has a removable steel crank arm with a smooth wood grip for rotating.

Now, at this point, you may be thinking that Kingrinder has paid us for this review. I can assure you that this review is totally unbiased and un-bought. I (ESB Chris) am just so extremely pleased with the K6 I can't stop singing its praises.

Full Grind Range

While the Kingrinder K4 is specifically suited for espresso, the K6 is designed to be more of an all-rounder. As a result, the Kingrinder K6 is designed to grind for a full range of brew methods, from pour-over to espresso.

With the adjustment mechanism, which is able to make multiple rotations around the 60-click collar, the K6 is capable of shifting from fine espresso and Turkish grind to more coarse grinds for French press or drip. Just remember how many complete revolutions have been made as you transition between brew methods.

Attention To Detail

One of my favorite aspects of the K6 is the overall attention to detail built into such a small package. On top of the embossed rubber grip and the maple crank arm handle, the K6 is fitted with many quality-of-life improvements.

A threaded aluminum catch-up sits under the grinding chamber and collects the ground coffee post-grind. In addition, the grind mechanism itself is perfectly calibrated for a super smooth rotation only interrupted by the beans themselves. Finally, the adjustment points are marked every five steps with a painted dot and every 10 with the number market. The overall attention to detail makes the K6 extremely easy to work with.

Slow Spin, Incredible Aroma

Another incredible part of the K6 is not specific to the K6 itself but is worth calling out. The overall slower grinding process with a hand grinder allows for many of the flavors and smells to be released out of the grinder and into the air. The overall aroma that the K6 produces adds that much more to the brewing experience and shouldn't be overlooked.

Optional Powered Mode

As if all of the other features of the K6 weren't enough, the K6 has been manufactured with a removable hand crank that connects to a 6mm hex that perfectly fits a drill bit. The manufacturers of the K6 actually advertise the grinder as being capable of being powered by a hand drill for self-declared enterprising (lazy) home baristas on a budget.

What is Missing on the Kingrinder K6?

Kingrinder K6 Missing Features 2024

Adjustment Instructions

The only pain point of the K6 was on the initial setup. The included instructions recommended a grind size of 20-60 for espresso. Upon initial use, this grind size was significantly too fine. I found that I had to be between setting 20 and 60, one complete rotation past full zero. While this was a frustrating experience, it was a one-time problem.

Dialing In

The reason the initial adjustment was difficult is a result of the other problem with hand grinders. Unlike an electric grinder that can grind in a few seconds without effort, the K6 takes time and effort. While the K6 is perfect for one to two espressos, the initial dial-in grinding of 5-8 doses quickly became difficult and time-consuming.

Comparison: Kingrinder K6 vs. 1Zpresso J Max

Kingrinder K6 vs. 1Zpresso J Max


Both grinders offer a similar internal grind chamber with 48mm burrs. The 1Zpresso J Max uses 48mm 'coated burrs,' while the Kingrinder K6 uses classic 48mm steel burrs.

Adjustment Mechanism

Similarly, both grinders use stepped adjustment mechanisms to adjust their grind size. The 1Zpresso J Max offers a higher resolution at an 8.8-micron step difference, with 90 clicks per rotation.

The Kingrinder K6 provides about half as many options with a 16-micron step and 60 grind settings per rotation. In addition, both grinders have external adjustment mechanisms that sit between the upper grind-chamber loader and the hand grip.

Design Accents

As both the 1Zpresso and Kingrinder are hand grinders, they have very similar workflows. While the Kingrinder K6 uses a threaded aluminum catch-up, the 1Zpresso uses a slightly fast magnetic release catch cup.

The 1Zpresso also has a textured canvas-esque grip and foldable handle compared to the rubber grip of the Kingrinder K6 with a removable handle. Neither design makes nor breaks the grinder, and the quality of the espresso is in a similar ballpark.

Which To Buy

While the 1Zpresso has a few quality-of-life upgrades that make it an overall winner compared to the K6 on paper, two decision points make the Kingrinder the go-to option.

First, the 1Zpresso MSRP was $159, a significant increase over the often $129 (or less) Kingrinder K6. In addition, in 2024, 1Zpresso has started to list the 1Zpresso J Max S as unavailable, and the remaining stock is beginning to dwindle. Although 1Zpresso has other options, they often rise to $200+. Given the higher price and lack of availability, the 1Zpresso can't stand up to the K6 in terms of value and access.

Where To Buy

In 2024, the Kingrinder K6 is available in the United States primarily via Amazon . Even the official Kingrinder site links to their Amazon page as the primary distribution method. While the K6 technically retails for $129, it almost always runs a "Save $30" coupon, bringing the price down to just $99.

The Final Sip

If you're looking to get into the world of espresso without breaking the bank and aren't afraid to break a little sweat, the Kingrinder K6 is the hand grinder for you. If you can find it on the $99 sale, you should run, not walk, to pick up this trusty companion.

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