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Niche Zero Grinder


In 2019, the Niche Zero took the home espresso world by storm. After a successful introduction on Indiegogo, the Niche Zero became an instant classic with a beautiful design, powerful 63 mm conical burrs, and near-zero retention.

As coffee lovers know, a quality grinder is the first step to brewing delicious espresso at home. Ensuring you have a grinder capable of grinding fine enough for espresso, with the ability to make the small adjustments required to 'dial-in' coffee beans, is a key input to pulling the perfect shot. The Niche Zero not only delivers on these requirements but also does so in an elegant and functional manner that makes it among the top options in 2024.

In this grinder spotlight, we will see what makes the Niche Zero so unique, compare the Niche Zero to the similarly popular DF64, and look at where to buy the Niche Zero in the USA.

Let's get brewing!

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Grinder Overview

Niche Zero Grinder Features


The Niche Zero uses high-quality 63mm Mazzer conical burrs. Conical (cone-shaped) burrs are often known to be tastefully acidic, with bold, rich, and complex flavors. The Niche Zero is no exception. With such large conical burrs, the Zero is capable of grinding at lower rotations per minute (RPM) which helps deliver a more uniform grind while remaining much quieter compared to similarly priced options.

Grind Adjustment

The Zero uses a fully stepless adjust mechanism and is capable of grinding for a full range of brew methods, from French press to espresso. The Niche Zero has pre-marked grind steps to help adjust the grind size across brew methods and for dialing in a specific espresso. It also has an integrated (and easy-to-use) calibration system to refine the adjustment collar further.


Niche's groundbreaking product was named after its original purpose - delivering a beautiful single-dose grinder with zero retention. And while no grinder can truly deliver zero retention, this Niche does as good a job as any. The Niche Zero can hold 55 grams of coffee in its hopper and is designed to be dosed for one to two shots of espresso at a time.

Quality & Packaging

The Zero is an elegant grinder; its build quality and presentation match its design. The contemporary design featuring a simple toggle-switch activation is delivered in a quality cardboard box with a wood grinds-brush and the now-famous metal dosing funnel sized just under 58 mm (perfect for tilting directly into a commercial portafilter). A 90 cm (35") power cord allows the Niche to sit on almost all countertops without an extension cord.

Comparison: DF64 vs Niche Zero

As the popularity of the Niche Zero exploded, so did the popularity of compact single-dose grinders designed for home baristas. In 2021, the DF64 was released and quickly rose to challenge the Niche as the king of mid-range espresso grinders.

Niche Zero vs. DF64 Espresso Grinder

Flat vs. Conical Burrs

While the Niche Zero uses 63mm Mazzer conical burrs spinning at a lazy 330 rpm, the DF64 was released with 64mm flat burrs set to grind at 1400 rpm. In addition, the DF64 was designed to have swappable burrs to allow for further experimentation in flavor and grind distribution.


The primary differences in flavor result from the Zero's slower RPM and conical burrs versus the DF64's faster flat burrs. While the Niche gives a more rounded and complex flavor, the DF64 produces more acidic, clear, and floral notes. And while different beans and roasts can blend the flavor of both grinders across a spectrum, lovers of modern espresso tend to prefer the flavor of a flat burr grind.

Price & Availability

The Niche's explosion in popularity quickly became a double-edged sword, leading to a lack of availability throughout 2022 and into 2023. The DF64, sold under a variety of brand names across the world, remained widely available into the Fall of 2023. In addition, the DF64 is priced at a more modest $399 compared to the more expensive $573 Zero.

Niche Zero Calibration and Tricks


The Niche Zero is designed to be calibrated upon first use and features a specific mechanism that makes it easy to calibrate at home. To calibrate the Zero, turn the top adjustment dial clockwise (towards fine grind) until it will not grind any further. Then, move the black bezel ring underneath the upper adjustment mechanism to the "Calibrate" arrow. You'll know you are spinning just the lower bezel when you hear an audible click. Once the bezel is aligned with the "Calibrate" indicator, the grinder is calibrated. (See full calibration video by Niche on YouTube)


The Zero is thoughtfully designed to be easily cleaned with the included cleaning brush and a 10 mm Spanner tool. Using the Spanner tool to remove the burr nut, and then remove the collar and burr housing. From there, you can use the included brush to push excess grind build-up toward the front of the machine and out of the grind chamber. (See full cleaning video by Niche on YouTube)

Bellows & Upgrades

While the Zero is famous for its low retention, aftermarket upgrades have been made to further reduce the retention and make the overall workflow a better experience. Custom Bellows help push air through the grinder to dislodge any remaining grinds, making the Zero retain less than 0.1 grams per dose. In addition, the Zero can be fitted with a spring-loaded dosing-cup attachment to reduce grind spray and even aesthetic metal upgrades for the feet and base.

Where to Buy the Niche Zero in the USA

In 2024, the Zero is still only sold directly by the UK manufacturer, Niche. This means that consumers in the United States will need to go to the UK-based website to order their grinder.

Drawing of Shipping Map For Niche Zero

Niche Zero Shipping

Availability The Niche Zero is currently sold in two colors: Pure White and Midnight Black. Both models now run a 6 - 8 week lead time for shipping, with a potential 1 - 3 weeks extra for shipping, imports, and customs.


Last updated by Niche is October of 2023; shipping rates to the USA are $90 for the Niche Zero, bringing the total close to $700 after taxes and fees.


Given the lack of availability of the Niche Zero, you may be looking for alternates to get you brewing quality espresso at home. If searching for compact single-dose grinders, look at the newly released Varia VS3 Gen 2. It uses conical burrs similar to the Niche Zero and has a similar intention of design and user experience. Or, if you are looking for something with a little more power, look toward the Eureka Mignon Specialita with its classic design and touchscreen display.

The Final Sip

In 2024, the Niche Zero remains atop the list of the best single dose grinders for home baristas. Its elegant design, simple workflow, and consistent and delicious results make it the perfect choice for lovers of rich flavors and contemporary designs. And while it can be challenging to buy the Niche Zero in the USA (and around the world), it is well worth the wait.

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