Option-O Lagom P64 Review Spotlight

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Option-O Lagom P64 Review Spotlight (2024)


When it comes to high-end single-dose espresso grinders, Option-O has long stood at the forefront. With a collection of premium grinders that provide beauty in addition to an incredible grind, Option-O is known as one of the most sought-after brands in home espresso. The Lagom P64 is Option-O’s flagship 64mm flat burr grinder is often seen as the gold standard for 64mm flat burr grinders.

In this grinder spotlight, we will dive into what makes the Lagom P64 such a special grinder, highlight its standout features and misses, and compare the Lagom P64 to the much more affordable DF64V.

Let’s get grinding!

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Lagom P64 Overview

Lagom P64 Features 2024

Single Dose Grinder

Single Dose Grinder

The Option-O Lagom P64 was one of the first single-dose grinders to gain mass popularity and has ridden the wave of fame alongsize grinders like the Niche Zero and DF64. The Lagom P64 can fit approximately 40 grams of coffee and comes with an integrated anti-popcorn device to ensure no coffee jumps pack out during grinding.

Full Grind Range

The Lagom P64 is designed to grind across brew methods, from pour-over to espresso. The P64 uses true stepless adjustment, adjusting the grind size on a fluid grind size continuum.

This Lagom grinder has a rotating adjustment collar with numbered markings 0 to 9. Between each numbered tick are 10 smaller ticks to help you dial in your grind.

P64 Special Features

SSP Swappable Burrset

At the core of the Option-O P64 are a pair of swappable 64mm burrs. Option-O offers four potential burrsets, including two of their in-house Mizen burrs options, as well as two SSP burr options.

The in-house designed Mizen burrs options include their 64OM and 64ES burrs, designed for all brew profiles or specifically for espresso, respectively.

Alternately, the P64 is available with Sung Sim Precision (SSP) burrs, often considered top-of-the-line burrs for prosumer home and commercial grinders. The SSP options include the High Uniformity and Unimodal Espresso Burrs. (Read more about SSP Burrs here).

Elegant Design

The Option-O Lagom P64 is arguably one of the most eye-catching espresso grinders on the market. Machined from 6061-T6 CNC Aluminum, the P64 combines organic shapes with tight tolerance premium build quality.

The P64 has long been manufactured in a single silver color. However, more recent production runs have seen it in a matte black that looks like a space-age rocket ship. Both models feature a 58mm portafilter holder that doubles as a catch cup holder if you’d rather grind into a dosing cup prior to transferring to your portafilter.

Variable RPM

The Lagom P64 was one of the first single-dose grinders to implement variable RPM. It has a side-mounted dial with marks from 1 to 9.

At the lowest setting, the P64 grinds at a snail's pace of 200 RPM. This grind speed produces a low number of ‘fines’ and a more unimodal grind distribution. This distribution style will improve flavor clarity at the cost of overall texture.

At the highest setting, the P64 spins at a common 1400 RPM. This grind size creates many more fines with a more heterogeneous grind distribution. This grind style will create a much richer texture but at the cost of flavor clarity.

Exceptionally Quiet

The P64 is designed to provide an exceptional user experience, and its ultra-silent design is no exception. Prior to adding coffee beans, the P64 registered at only 50 db (running slightly lower at the lowest RPM and slightly higher at the max RPM).

What is missing on the P64

Lagom P64 Missing Features

Zero Retention

Since the launch of the Lagom P64, many new single-dose grinders have hit the market: the Niche Zero, DF64, and Varia VS3, just to name a few. One area where all single-dose grinders strive to excel is limiting their overall retention.

Retention is the amount of ground coffee that gets stuck in the grind chamber and never makes it into the portafilter below. True ‘zero retention’ means that if you put 18.0-grams in, you get 18.0-grams out. Many modern single-dose grinders tout < 0.1-gram retention and have included bellows to force air through the system, blowing any remnant grounds out of the grinding chamber.

The Lagom P64 does not include a bellows system and has been known to have slightly higher retention at .2-gram to .4-grams.


Of course, one of the biggest turn-offs of the Lagom-P64 is its extremely high price. In the current market, there are half a dozen single-dose options that offer a consistent grind, low retention, and elegant design. Although the P64 is one of the originals, it is often hard to justify in the face of so many comparable options.

Comparison: Lagom P64 vs DF64V

One respectable alternative to the Lagom P64 is the DF64V. A more advanced descendant of the extremely popular DF64, the DF64V is a variable-speed flat burr grinder with a swappable burrset.

Lagom P64 vs DF64V


The DF64 and Lagom P64 share a similar design ethos when it comes to dosing. Both grinders are single-dose grinders with minimal capacity. Each is designed to only accept one dose of coffee at a time and can not fit more than ~45-50 grams of coffee in the hopper.

The DF64V includes an integrated bellows atop the dosing chamber. Although it is not the most eye-catching addition, its functionality helps keep retention near true-zero.

Grind Range & Adjustment

Both grinders remain similar in terms of their grind ranger and adjustment. Both are capable of grinding a full range, from pour-over to espresso, and both use a stepless adjustment mechanism.


The claim to fame of both grinders is their variable RPM grind. And while both grinders can adjust the RPM, they are slightly different in their approach. The P64 uses an analog dial that adjusts the grind from 200 RPM up to 1400 RPM. The DF64V runs faster, ranging from 600 RPM to 1800 RPM at speed.

This means that, in general, the DF64V will give slightly less clarity and slightly more body, but for 99% of home baristas, the differences in taste will be minimal.

Build & Design

These two grinders start to diverge when looking at their build and design. Although the DF64V looks to emulate the P64, the original Option-O option quickly steps ahead in presentation and finish. Tighter tolerances, a pleasing catch-cup holder, and an elegant presentation set the P64 apart compared to the newer alternative.

Which To Buy

The Option-O P64 is a flagship 64-mm grinder that sits near the top of the home espresso grinder market. At an eye-watering $1500+ USD, Option-O is asking for a lot for this grinder. Unfortunately, the P64 suffers from the law of diminishing returns. The much more affordable DF64V provides 95%+ of the usability, consistency, and grind quality for a significantly lower $899 price tag.

Furthermore, the DF64V and P64 are designed to swap the internal burrset, meaning the DF64V can be equipped with the exact same SSP burrs offered on the P64. Unless you are looking for the top of the top quality and design, then the DF64V is likely the better option.

Pricing and Availability

In 2024, the Option-O Lagom P64 remains an elusive grinder to find. It is manufactured in small batches and is often sold out shortly after a new production run is completed. The Lagom P64 retails for $1,585 for the standard silver, with a $50 increase for the black option. The P64 is sold in both 120V and 240V options, as well as various plug types for US, UK, EU, and AUS consumers.

Currently, the Option-O Lagom P64 is sold directly to customers by Option-O, as well as via Prima Coffee. If you are looking to buy the Lagom P64, make sure you pre-order or sign up for a restock alert so you don’t miss the small window to purchase.

The Final Sip

If you are looking for a premium single-dose grinder with an elegant design and revered brand image, the Option-O Lagom P64 is the pick for you. If you can wait for the sporadic restocks and handle the eye-watering price, the Lagom P64 will provide you with delicious coffee—pour-over to espresso—for years to come.

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