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The Oracle Touch is Breville's flagship espresso machine that blends top-tier brewing capabilities with advanced technology to make the espresso process easy and accessible to all types of home baristas.

In this machine spotlight, we'll take a look at what makes the Oracle Touch such a unique machine, compare the Breville Oracle Touch to the Breville Barista Touch, and review the essential maintenance measures to keep the Oracle Touch in top condition.

Let's get brewing!

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What are the Standout Features of the Breville Oracle Touch?

Breville Oracle Touch Features 2024

Dual Boilers Heating

The Breville Oracle Touch is one of only two Breville espresso machines that use dual boiler heating elements (the other being the standard Oracle). While Breville typically favors the compact and affordable ThermoJet heating element, the Oracle Touch uses a powerful dual boiler and heated group head.

This design means that each shot will have near-perfect thermal stability. At the same time, a dedicated steam boiler allows home baristas to steam milk while the shot is being pulled into a commercial-style 58mm portafilter.

Intuitive Touch Screen Interface

The centerpiece of the Oracle Touch is an intuitive and comprehensive touchscreen display. This display allows the user to select from 5 preset drink types, including cappuccino and latte, and save up to 8 custom drink presets.

In addition, the touchscreen display gives instructions for the grinding and tamping as well as for preparing the milk prior to the hands-free milk steaming. Finally, all machine settings can be adjusted via the display, including pre-infusion, brew and steam temperature, and grind dose.

Integrated Burr Grinder

One of the biggest draws to the Breville Oracle Touch is the integrated grinder. Built-in partnership with specialty grinder company, Baratza, the Oracle Touch uses a stepped conical burr grinder that has 45 individual grind size settings to help dial in each type of bean roast and origin.

###Automatic Dosing & Tamping The Oracle Touch handles puck prep as well, managing the dose and tamping in preparation for extraction. Using an integrated sensor and motor, the Oracle Touch grinds 22 grams of coffee and then tamps it into a compressed coffee puck that is ready for brewing.

While the Oracle Touch looks to automate nearly all steps of the brewing process, it also allows for barista intervention as needed. If the stock 22 gram dose is too high or the tamp pressure is too intense, the touchscreen displays allow for fine-tuning between 19 - 24 grams to achieve the optimal ratio.

Where does the Breville Oracle Touch Fall Flat?

Downsides Breville Oracle Touch

Burr Grinder

The biggest complaint of all 2-in-1 machines is the quality and adjustability of the integrated grinder. While the Breville Oracle Touch looks to balance quality and ease of use, true espresso aficionados will comment that a grinder with predetermined grind 'steps' will never be able to achieve complete grind control compared to a stepless stand-alone grinder.

Similarly, many professional-tier consumer setups opt for larger flat burr style grinders which bring a more clear and floral flavor with rapid grind times. The Breville Oracle Touch uses smaller conical burrs that will have difficulty extracting the most flavor from more nuanced, light-roasted coffee.

Pre-Tamping Distribution

While the Oracle Touch lowers the floor to get good-quality espresso, it slightly lowers the quality ceiling as well. A large piece of the espresso brewing process is preparing the puck; that is, taking the ground coffee and evenly distributing the coffee in the portafilter prior to tamping.

As the Oracle Touch automatically doses, grinds, and tamps, it does not give any chance to inspect the grind or the distribution prior to tamping. This feature, while convenient, abstracts one of the most essential pieces of puck preparation and can be confusing when trying to diagnose less-than-ideal shots.

Quality for the Price

For the steep price tag of $2,700, the Oracle Touch is subject to some criticism regarding value. For a similar price, a machine like the Profitec Pro 600 and a dedicated grinder such as the Eureka Mignon Silenzio will go much further in terms of overall quality, fine-tuneability, and longevity. And while the Breville Oracle Touch indexes on ease of use over total control, the value for the price leaves something to be desired.

Comparison: Breville Oracle Touch vs. Breville Barista Touch

Comparison: Breville Oracle Touch vs. Breville Barista Touch

The Barista Touch is Breville's more affordable touchscreen espresso machine option. While both machines look similar at first glance, there are a handful of notable differences that make the Oracle stand head and shoulders above the Barista

Heating & Steaming

The most significant difference between the Breville Oracle Touch and the Breville Barista Touch is in the heating element. While the Oracle Touch uses two robust boilers for brewing and steaming, the Barista Touch uses Breville's more affordable ThermoJet system.

The Oracle Touch also has more control when it comes to brew and milk temperature, with individual temperature control for both. In addition, the Oracle Touch steam wand has a highly accurate temperature sensor in the wand. In contrast, the Barista Touch has a less precise temperature sensor built into the base of the pitcher.

Tamping & Puck Prep

The Oracle Touch manages the entire puck prep process from dosing, grinding, and tamping - eliminating the need for manual tamping in preparation for extraction.

The Barista Touch, on the other hand, requires manual tamping, adding another step to the overall workflow. The Barista Touch also uses the more affordable grind-size dial, compared to the dedicated knob on the Oracle Touch.

While users who are looking for a more guided approach may appreciate the automated nature of the Oracle Touch, many more experimental home baristas may actually appreciate the Barista Touch for the opportunity to distribute and tamp the grinds themselves.

Interface & Design

Both the Oracle Touch and the Barista Touch have very similar designs, with slight differences in overall size and footprints.

The Barista Touch takes up a smaller footprint and is approximately 40 cm (15") tall, while the Oracle Touch stands taller at 45 cm (18"). In addition, the Barista Touch has a smaller 1.9 l (64 oz) water tank, while the Oracle Touch uses a larger 2.5 l (84 oz) tank.

One nice feature of the Oracle Touch is an integrated set of retractable casters that allow the 15 kg (34 lb) machine to roll and rotate with ease.

Cleaning and Care


The most crucial piece of daily maintenance for the Oracle Touch is backflushing. Backflushing is the process of blocking the portafilter with a rubber gasket or 'blind basket' to block any water from exiting. When a shot is run with this blind basket, water will be forced back through the group head, cleaning out the build-up of oils and coffee. It is best to backflush daily with water and monthly with a dedicated cleaning solution.


In addition to backflushing, running a descaling solution through the Oracle Touch is imperative for long-term machine health. Scale is the build-up of minerals present in the water. Using a descaling solution every few months will help flush out this mineral build-up that may otherwise cause the internals of the machine to decay.

Cleaning the Grinder

As the grinder of the Oracle Touch is used, grounds will start to get stuck in the hopper, as well as the burrs and grind chamber. Every month it is worthwhile to remove the grinder and use the included brush to clean out any build-up of grinds or coffee that has become stuck in the grinding chamber. Ensure the machine is powered off and unplugged prior to accessing the burrs.

Cleaning the Steam Wand

The best way to care for the steam wand on the Oracle Touch is by purging it and cleaning it with hot water after each use. Steamed milk hardens as it dries, so purging the wand into the drip tray and wiping off any excess milk will prevent a layer of hardened milk from forming and clogging the steam tip holes.

Pricing and Availability


As of 2024, the Breville Oracle Touch is listed for $2,700 by most U.S. retailers. The Oracle Touch is widely available from specialty vendors, including Clive Coffee and Seattle Coffee Gear, as well as from big online stores such as Amazon.


If you like the look and functionality of the Oracle Touch but are still deciding whether to invest, the $2,199 Breville Oracle boasts all the same functionality with a more traditional button-first interface. Or, if a dual boiler inspires you and you are not afraid to dive head first into the world of more manual espressos, the Profitec Pro 600 and Eureka Mingon Silenzio are a great pair that will make delicious espresso for years to come.

The Final Sip

The Breville Oracle Touch is a one-of-a-kind espresso machine that finds a balance between quality and ease of use. With robust dual boilers, programmable shots, and a host of user-focused features, the Oracle Touch is hard to beat for any espresso enthusiast looking for a bit of guidance in their morning brew.

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