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ECM Synchronika


The ECM Synchronika is one of the most coveted E61 espresso machines on the market. Built by German-based ECM, a company known for top-tier quality, the Synchronika provides total control over the brewing process in an eye-catching and elegant package.

In this machine spotlight, we will explore what makes the Syncrhonika so revered, highlight its stand-out features, and compare the ECM Synchronika to the Lelit Bianca V3.

Let's get brewing!

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ECM Synchronika Machine Overview

ECM Synchronika Features 2024

Robust Dual Boilers

At the heart of the ECM Synchronika are two stainless steel dual boilers. Within outer insulation and phenomenal thermal stability, Synchronika's 0.75-liter brew and 2.0-liter steam boilers are capable of serving up espresso after espresso without slowing down.

Powering the Synchronikas dual boilers is a near-silent rotary pump that enables the Synchronika to be directly plumbed in, eliminating the need to refill the optional 3.0-liter internal water reservoir.

Italian E61 Group

The centerpiece of the ECM Synchronika is the classic Italian E61 group with optional flow control. When flipped on, the ECM Synchronika takes 10-15 minutes to heat the boilers and another 10 to fully heat the E61 group head.

Once at temperature, the Synchronika's E61 design rarely experiences temperature swings that would impact the extraction of the espresso. Just be careful, as the scaling chrome-plated brass group will easily cause burns to unsuspecting home baristas.

Top Spec Components

Inside and out, the ECM Synchronika is built with the highest level of componentry and care. Built with thick stainless steel, quality chrome, and brass and hand-assembled in Germany, the Synchronika is second to none when it comes to fit and finish.

Standout Features of the ECM Synchronika

Anthracite Finish

Perhaps the most noticeable feature of the ECM Synchronika is the mesmerizing Anthracite finish. Anthracite, a highly refined type of coal with a 90%+ carbon make-up, is a texture rarely found in espresso. With cool tones and a matte-satin black finish, the polished anthracite makes the Synchronika one of the most unique machines on the market.

Joystick Steam

The ECM Synchronika also makes use of the new ECM/Profitec joystick wands. While older models of ECM machines use low-wear rotary valves, the Synchronika uses the updated joystick toggle activation. These joystick toggles allow for immediate on-demand steam and hot water and are extremely low wear, meaning that valves will last years with proper care and maintenance.

PID Control

The brain of the ECM Synchronika is its small but mighty PID control center. The PID controller gives individual-degree control over both the brew and steam boilers and serves as a shot-timer that activates when the brew lever is engaged. In addition, the PID shows the programmable cleaning reminder and is used to control all other machine settings.

Missing on the ECM Synchronika

ECM Synchronika Missing Features 2024

OLED Display

With the late 2023 release of the Profitec Drive, which features a new OLED PID display, it would be nice to see a front-face refresh on newer models of the ECM Synchronika. The ECM Mechanika Max currently uses the same OLED display as the drive, so it is a shame that the Synchronika has not been updated to adopt the new PID controller as well.

App Connectivity

Many top-spec machines now have app connectivity to manage wake-up schedules, brew time, and shot logs. Although the ECM Synchronika stands as the face of quality classic espresso, it would be nice to see optional smart app connectivity in the near future.

Rapid Heat Up Functionality

The Profitec Drive has been released with a variety of new features, including a rapid heat-up mode to bring the dual boilers and group head up to temperature in 12 minutes flat. As many home baristas are brewing before work, the ECM Synchronika would greatly benefit from a similar rapid heat-up setting.

Comparison: ECM Synchronika vs. Lelit Bianca V3

One of the most common alternatives to the ECM Synchronika is the Italian-based Lelit Bianca V3. Although both machines have similar components and similar MSRP and U.S. availability, there are a few noticeable differences between them.

ECM Synchronika vs. Lelit Bianca V3

Internal Components

Both the Synchronika and Bianca V3 are powered by dual boilers that support same-time brewing and steaming. While the Synchronika has a slightly smaller brew boiler - 0.7-liter to the Bianca's 0.8-liter - it has a larger 2.0-liter steam boiler compared to the 1.5-liter on the Bianca.

Both machines use reliable and quiet rotary pumps and support both reservoir-drawn and direct plumb water supply. The Bianca has one extra feature - a modular reservoir that can be moved to either side of the machine to work better in tighter spaces.

Interface & Workflow

As both machines are E61 designs, they have an overall similar interface and workflow. Upon warm-up, both machines are activated by lifting the brew lever to engage the pump. The Lelit Bianca, however, comes standard with a mechanical flow control paddle and programmable pre-infusion.

When it comes to controlling the machine settings, both have a similar PID controller that serves the secondary roles of shot timer and settings controller. While the ECM Synchronika uses an LCD display, the Lelit Bianca uses the Lelit Control Center, an OLED display used across Lelit machines.

Finish & Value

Both machines are built with quality components inside and out. The ECM Synchronika, however, takes a step forward with a thicker steel body and tighter fit and finish. While the Bianca may win on features and functionality, the Synchronika still holds the title when it comes to overall build quality, finish, and beauty.

If you are looking for a quality dual boiler that is packed with features for the price, the Lelit Bianca is hard to beat. But if you want a top-spec finish and build that will last decades to come, the ECM Synchronika still stands as number one.

Pricing and Availability


In 2024, the ECM Synchronika retails for $3,349 for a stock black trim and $3,899 for the optional walnut trim and anthracite body casing. The ECM Synchronika is currently imported into the U.S. by Clive Coffee and Whole Latte Love.


If the ECM Synchronika is not to your taste or slightly out of your price range, there are a host of options that are capable of brewing espresso to a very similar standard. ECM's sister company, Profitec, offers the Pro 700 and the newer Profitec Drive. In addition, Lelit offers the Bianca V3 , which comes with flow control standard.

The Final Sip

The ECM Synchronika with flow control is often seen as the pinnacle of E61 espresso machines. Built with premium components and a finish that sets it apart from the pack, the ECM Synchronika is perfect for the home barista with the highest standards, discerning taste, and an eye for detail.

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