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Lelit Elizabeth Espresso Machine Review Spotlight


The Lelit Elizabeth is a powerful dual boiler packed with features for a price almost never found in home espresso. Built by Italian-based Lelit, the Elizabeth is a classic espresso machine with a simple design and an even simpler workflow.

In this machine spotlight, we'll look at the main features of the Elizabeth, cover the standout aspects of this unique dual boiler, and compare the Lelit Elizabeth to its number one competitor, the Profitec Pro 300.

Let's get brewing!

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Lelit Elizabeth Machine Overview

Lelit Elizabeth Features 2024

Dual Boilers

A pair of brass boilers power the Lelit Elizabeth. A 0.3-liter brew and 0.6-liter steam boiler have enough reserve for a few back-to-back shots, and the quality brass group head transfers heat efficiently for consistent shots day in and day out.

The Elizabeth also uses a classic vibratory pump found on all espresso machines in the price range. Although a vibratory pump may lack the option for direct plumb, it is readily available and easily replaceable should it face issues.

Clean Interface

The Elizabeth is characterized by a simple design and clean interface. Three press buttons on the left-hand face control the primary functions, while an integrated PID controller and pressure gauge sit right, just about the steam wand.

Hot Water & Steam

To the left and right of the brew group is a dedicated hot water and steam wand. While almost all machines have a steam wand, the Elizabeth has an increasingly rare dedicated aerated hot water tap for Americanos or for tea. In addition, the right-hand steam wand is insulated to protect against burns during milk-texturing.

What makes the Lelit Elizabeth Special?

Volumetric Shots

The most significant value-add of the Lelit Elizabeth is the inclusion of programmable shots. Similar to the famous Breville Dual Boiler, the Elizabeth has the ability to program and save two preset shot volumes.

The Elizabeth features two volumetric buttons that can be programmed for single shots, double shots, or even as a backflush preset for easy cleaning. The Elizabeth is perfect for a couple who may have one more experiment barista and one who prefers convenience over complication.

Lelit Control Center

The Elizabeth also features the Lelit Control Center (LCC), Lelit's proprietary OLED display. The LCC is the access point to the brain of the Elizabeth and can be used to change the brew or steam temperature, as well as other internal machine settings. The LCC automatically turns to a real-time shot timer when a shot is started, giving second-by-second information on the extraction.

Dual-Type Pre Infusion

One of the most unique and often forgotten-about features of the Elizabeth is the dual-type pre-infusion. The Elizabeth offers two types of pre-infusion, including a steam boiler pre-infuse and a blooming pre-infuse.

The stream boiler pre-infuse uses the low pressure of the steam boiler to saturate the puck with espresso prior to full-pressure extraction. The blooming pre-infuse option uses the brew boiler to wet the puck momentarily and then let the coffee bloom and saturate without pressure. Then, after the bloom completes, the pump turns on for full pressure infusion.

What is missing on the Lelit Elizabeth?

Lelit Elizabeth Missing Features 2024

Eye Catching Design

For all that the Lelit Elizabeth offers, one area where it falters is in design. The Lelit Elizabeth is...plain, to say the least. The brushed steel does not complement the extremely boxy design. And although the button placement is ergonomic, it is uninspiring. Compared to similarly priced heat exchangers, dual boilers, and thermoblock options, the Elizabeth is rather disappointing in the looks department.

Comparison: Lelit Elizabeth vs. Profitec Pro 300

Lelit Elizabeth vs. Profitec Pro 300

Heating Element & Pump

The internals of the Lelit Elizabeth and Profitec Pro 300 are practically identical. Both espresso machines have dedicated boilers and are powered by a vibratory pump. The 2024 Lelit Elizabeth is advertised with Lelit's silent vibratory pump.

The Profitec Pro 300 has a slightly larger footprint resulting from a somewhat larger 0.4-liter brew and 0.8-liter steam boilers compared to the 0.3-liter and 0.6-liter of the Lelit Bianca. If you plan to brew multiple back-to-back drinks, the Pro 300 may have a slight advantage.

Design & Build

The Lelit Elizabeth and Profitec Pro 300 continue to share similarities when looking at their design and build. Both machines use saturated groups for temperature stability, button interfaces, and PID controllers.

The Pro 300 may have a slight tactile advantage with toggle switches for power and brew activation, as well as two rotary knobs for steam and hot water. In addition, the Pro 300 has a larger pressure gauge on the lower face of the machine, opposite the LCD PID controller.


Even though the Pro 300 may win on looks, the Lelit Elizabeth wins when it comes to features. With volumetric shot programming and dual pre-infusion options, the Elizabeth's index on function over form makes it a clear victor. While the Profitec Pro 300 has many of the basic features that are expected on an entry-level dual boiler, it can't hold a candle to the function-focused Elizabeth.

Which To Buy

If you prioritize function over form, the Elizabeth is the better option of the two. The volumetric shot programming is exceptionally unique on a premium espresso machine, and the functionality should be held in high regard.

But, if you prefer form over function, the Pro 300 has a nicer overall design and more tactile input. Both espresso machines will make delicious espresso without fail, but knowing where your priorities lay will help make the decision easier.

Pricing and Availability

Price In 2024, the Lelit Elizabeth has an MSRP of $1799 in the United States. The Lelit Elizabeth is only available in brushed steel and is primarily sold via Clive Coffee, and Seattle Coffee Gear.

The Final Sip

If you are looking for a simple yet functional dual boiler that is all espresso and no flash, the Lelit Elizabeth is the machine for you. The Elizabeth features all the functionality a home barista could need without the excess of a plumbed-in E61 box. The Elizabeth is Lelit's love letter to those who appreciate simple design and serious function.

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