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Profitec Drive Premium Dual Boiler Espresso Machine


In late 2023, Germany-based Profitec broke ground with its newest flagship dual boiler, the Profitec Drive. The Drive is a premium dual boiler that builds upon its predecessor, the Profitec Pro 700, by combining classic E61 design with a host of modern features, including native flow control, passive and active pre-infusion, fast heat-up, and joystick valves.

In this release spotlight, we will look at what the Profitec Drive brings to home espresso in 2024, explore its new features and designs, and compare the Drive to the Profitec Pro 700.

Let's get brewing!

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What is New on the Profitec Drive?

Profitec Drive Premium Machine Features

Flow Control

The most apparent feature added to the newly released Profitec Drive is the flow control dial and manometer in the center of the machine. Previous Profitec models, including the Pro 700, did not come with flow control and could only be purchased separately or as an extra add-on starting in 2023.

The Drive comes with a control paddle that allows it to vary flow rate between 2.5 and 28.5 g/sec. In addition, Profitec has opted for an eye-catching red manometer, making it clear that it is the centerpiece of this new machine.

Compact OLED Display

Left of the E61 centerpiece, the Drive features a refreshed OLED display adopted from the ECM Mechanika Max.* This shot-timer PID display features higher pixel density than the previous Pro 700, allowing for full-text display as well as simultaneous temperature readings on both the brew and steam boilers.

Programmable Pre-Infusion

Internally, the Drive supports programmable pre-infusion. This feature, which can be quickly toggled via a dedicated PID button shortcut, can be programmed to run the pump for 1 - 10 seconds, followed by a pause between 1 - 60 seconds before full pressure brewing. This feature gives the Profitec Drive the ability to program presets for go-to beans while still supporting total flow control with the native flow control paddle.

Fast & Scheduled Heat Up

One of the biggest complaints with prosumer-style dual boiler machines is the long heat-up time required to bring both boilers and the E61 group up to temperature. The Drive features a fast heat-up mode designed to pull shots in under 13 minutes from a totally cold start.

In addition to a fast heat-up, the Drive goes one step further, supporting programmable on/off schedules. Built into the PID display, the Drive has two programmable wake-up times for each day of the week. Combined with the already rapid heat-up, the Drive will be ready to pull shots at any time.

Design Refresh

On top of a host of functional improvements and new features, the Profitec Drive can be seen with a refreshed design sporting a few notable updates. The Drive has an updated drip tray, similar to the ECM Synchronika.* It also sports a black cup tray railing, a new press-button on/off switch, and joystick-style activation for steam and hot water, a design choice that was also recently added to the refreshed Pro 600.

*ECM and Profitec are sister companies and therefore share many of the same designs and components.

Remains the Same on the Profitec Drive?

Classic E61 Design

While the Profitec Drive has a variety of new features and design accents, it remains faithful to a classic E61 style design. The machine is marked by its E61 centerpiece, lever activation, and comfortable box-shape casing.

Dual Boilers, Single Option

Even with the rapid heat-up, the Profitec Drive still offers a single-boiler mode to home baristas looking to brew pure espresso only. Turning off the steam boiler allows the machine to be at full temperature in only a few minutes while conserving energy and reducing wear on the internal machine.

Rotary Pump & Optional Plumb In

The Drive represents Profitec's new flagship offering. As a result, the Drive uses a premium rotary pump that allows for near-silent extraction. In addition, this rotary pump enables the Drive to use either its internal reservoir or a direct connection (braided plumb-in line included).

Dual Pressure Gauges

Inheriting much of its design from the Pro 700, the Profitec Drive features dual pressure gauges for both the brew and steam boilers. In addition, the PID control allows the steam boiler to reach upwards of 2 bar of steam pressure.

What is Missing on the Profitec Drive?

App Connectivity

While the Profitec Drive now supports the most essential features needed for brewing - such as flow control and programmable pre-infusion - it lacks some of the technology-forward functionality that is starting to be expected with top-of-the-line espresso machines. For now, smart connectivity to control all the brewing variables and maintenance reminders seems to be reserved for brands such as Decent, La Marzocco, and Sanremo.

Advanced Shot Volumetrics

As many premium consumer machines start to be used for large gatherings and light commercial work, brew by volume and weight have become more popular options. While Breville has always been known for its volumetric shots, La Marzoco recently introduced brew-by-weight in partnership with Acaia. It would have been nice to see some movement in that direction, even if classic E61 groups will always be limited by their manual shot lever.

Comparison: Profitec Drive vs. ECM Synchronika

The Profitec Drive seeks to replace the Profitec Pro 700 and stand next to ECM Profitecs' alternate flagship, the ECM Synchronika.

Profitec Drive vs. ECM Synchronika

Pump & Heating

Internally, both the Profitec Drive and the older ECM Synchronika represent the pinnacle of E61 prosumer machines. Both options offer premium rotary pumps as well as powerful dual boilers. In addition, both machines match up with 0.75 L brew boilers and 2.0 L steam boilers.

Design & Interface

As both the Profitec Drive and the ECM Synchronika come from the same designers, they share many of the same features. Both machines have the classic steel E61 group head and a similar activating lever arm. But while the ECM Synchronika features white pressure gauges located near the top of the machine, the Profitec Drive features black and red pressure gauges located near the drip tray. Both machines also share a similar low-profile trip tray design, as well as joystick-style arms for steam and water.


The most significant difference between these two machines is in the features that come standard. The ECM Synchronika lacks a native flow control paddle, as well as the newly adopted OLED display. While both machines use their display as a shot timer, only the Profitec Drive has advanced pre-infusion and wake-up programming.

Pricing & Availability


Upon a late 2023 release, the Profitec Drive is priced at $3,299. This steep price tag sees an increase of $320 over the Pro 700, and an increase of $150 over the ECM Synchronika, making it the most expensive offering by ECM Profitec to date.


In the United States, Profitec directly imports to Clive Coffee and Whole Latte Love. Early 2024 shows pre-order availability for both vendors.

The Final Sip

The Profitec Drive represents ECM Profitec's next step in the prosumer espresso space. It features a range of highly demanded features and capabilities yet to be seen on E61-style dual boilers. Flow control and programmable pre-infusion put the Drive on par with the ever-popular Lelit Bianca, and may enable Profitec to be the champion of E61s in 2024.

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