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Turin Legato Espresso Machine


In 2023, Turin, the manufacturer of the highly successful DF64 grinder, launched their Legato espresso machine. The Turin Legato looks to follow in the footsteps of the DF64 and deliver an affordable yet high-value espresso machine that shakes up the home espresso market.

In this release spotlight, we'll take a look at the Turin Legato, highlight some of its notable features, and compare it to the Breville Bambino Plus, the current king of sub-$500 espresso machines.

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What is the Turin Legato?

Turin is an American espresso equipment company that rose to fame with the release of the Turin DF64 grinder. Although Turin did not manufacture the DF64 from scratch, their work with overseas manufacturers helped bring it to the spotlight.

The DF64 was a mega-hit and quickly became a go-to recommendation for many home baristas. Today, the DF64 is offered by a variety of private labels, and the new Turin Legato is the most recent adaptation of this product model.

U.S Market Adaptation

Similar to the DF64, the Legato is Turin's private label of an espresso machine that has been around for the past 3-5 years. Private-labeled by brands such as Corrima, Gemilai, and MiiCoffee, the Legato seeks to bring a high-value, entry-level machine to the U.S. market.

What are the Standout Features of the Turin Legato

Turin Legato Features 2024

Single Boiler + Thermoblock

The first of the Legato's notable features is the unique heating package. The Legato uses a dedicated 550ml brew boilers for espresso, as well as a separate thermoblock for steaming.

This design allows the brew boiler to remain at a consistent temperature and shortens the wait time between brewing and steaming. Note: although the Legato minimizes brew-steam downtime, it cannot brew and steam at the same time.

Brew Boiler PID

Overseeing the temperature of the dedicated boiler is an integrated PID temperature controller and display. Turin claims that this PID controller supports brewing temperatures between 85° and 102° C (185° - 215° F), although it is unlikely the boiler will be outputting steam above boiling. Note: The Turin Legato cannot change the PID display temperature to Farenheight

Shot Timer

The built-in PID controller also doubles as a shot timer for brewing and begins when the pump is activated. While this feature is expected on higher-end espresso machines, the Legato is one of the few machines under $500 to include a shot timer in addition to an adjustable PID.

Pre Infusion

One of the most anticipated features of the Turin Legato is its programable pre-infusion capabilities. Using the PID display, the Legato can be set to pre-infuse between 1 and 6 seconds prior to engaging the pump for extraction. Note: Initial reviews show this feature is more akin to 'pre-wetting.' See full description under 'Downsides'

58 mm Portafilter

Following in the footsteps of the Gaggia Classic, the Turin Legato uses an industry-standard 58 mm portafilter. This 58 mm portafilter means that the Legato is compatible with precision IMS or VST baskets, as well as many accessories, including dosing funnels and calibrated tampers.

What are the Downsides of the Turin Legato?

Mediocre Steam

While the Turin Legato offers on-demand steam with a dedicated thermoblock, initial reports indicate the steam is relatively underpowered. This comes as no surprise, as thermoblocks can only vaporize small spurts of steam at a time, resulting in a pulsing-style steam output that takes 20-30 seconds to reach optimal temperature and texture.

"Pre Infusion" = Pre Wetting

Although the Turin Legato advertises pre-infusion capabilities, close inspection reveals more of a pre-wetting style function. The pre-infusion button turns on the pump at full power for 1 second, spitting water into the puck. Then, depending on the pre-infusion setting, the pump will turn off for 1 to 5 seconds before engaging for the rest of the shot.

While this may start to saturate the top level of the puck, it will not yield the same results as true low-pressure pre-infusion found on more capable machines.

Quality & Longevity

While the price point of the Turin Legato is rather enticing, it also raises the question of overall quality and longevity. Providing a dual-heating-system machine with PID, pressure gauge, and pre-wetting, all for $499, is a tall order.

To save costs, the Legato opted not to include an over-pressure valve, meaning that the full pressure of the 15-bar pump will be sent into the coffee puck during extraction. Long-term reviews of the Chinese-market versions also report lower-than-ideal quality for the PID control and button interface.

While the fact that the Legato provides quite a lot for the price may raise eyebrows about the quality and longevity, Turin has a positive track record of making incremental but meaningful improvements to their products, such as the DF64.

Comparison: Turin Legato vs. Breville Bambino Plus

The Breville Bambino Plus currently sits on the throne for the best espresso machine under $500. The Turin Legato hopes to disrupt both the Bambino Plus and the Gaggia Classic Evo and become the go-to espresso machine for new home baristas looking to get the most bang for their buck.

Turin Legato vs. Breville Bambino Plus


One of the most significant differences between the Bambino Plus and the Turin Legato is the heating element. The Bambino Plus uses Breville's trademarked 'ThermoJet' system, providing a sub-5-second time with significant energy savings over a standard thermoblock. boilers.

The Turin Legato needs approximately 5 minutes to bring both the dedicated brew boiler and steam thermoblock up to temperature but benefits from fewer temperature swings and higher thermal stability as a result.

Design & Interface

The Breville Bambino Plus uses the famous Breville design, with rounded edges and a combination of aluminum and plastic to drive down weight (5.4 kg) and cost. The Legato is built of more sturdy stainless steel, adding to its overall weight (8.5 kg) and feel.

The Bambino also uses a 54mm portafilter and the well-known Breville button interface with a simple one-shot and two-shot button, as well as a dedicated button to activate hot water and steam. The Legato uses a 58mm portafilter and a similar button interface but with a dedicated on/off button, as well as shot start/stop and pre-infusion start. A twist knob is used to activate the steam wand without the downtime needed to heat the thermoblock to steaming temperatures.


The Breville Bambino Plus has two primary features that have made it among the top picks for entry-level machines: volumetric shots and auto milk frothing. The Bambino Plus allows users to program and save preferred shot volumes for single and double shots, eliminating the need to stop the shot manually after each extraction. In addition, the Bambino Plus supports hands-free milk frothing that will automatically heat and texture milk to the ideal temperature.

While the Legato does not have either of these stand-out features, it does have a PID temperature controller, integrated shot timer, and programmable pre-wetting, features not found on the Bambino Plus.

Pricing and Availability


At launch, the Turin Legato is listed on Turin Grinders and EspressoOutlet for $499. MiiCoffee currently offers the same machine under the 'Apex' name, which retauls for $599 and is available on Amazon.

Availability In 2024 the Turin Legato is available for purchase from both Turin Grinders and from MiiCoffee as the Apex. Currently it is only offered in stainless steel with black accents.

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