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Boilergate - Gaggia's Flaking Boiler - March 2024 Update


2023 saw the breaking of a controversy that shook up the brand reputation of the home espresso icon, Gaggia Milano. Gaggia, who manufacturers the highly popular Gaggia Classic Pro released an updated version called the Gaggia Classic Pro Evo (GCPE).

Unfortunately, this updated model was designed with a faulty boiler coating that caused peeling within weeks of purchase. As more and more GCPE users started to report problems with the Evo’s, the term ‘Boilergate’ was coined, and controversy was brought into the light.

In this news spotlight, we will follow up on the original Boilergate story and highlight the current state of affairs when it comes to the Gaggia Classic Pro Evo, and the faithful yet frustrated Gaggia community.

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What Is Boilergate?

Gaggia Classic Pro Evo Faulty Coating

When the new Gaggia Classic Pro Evo was released in 2023, it was designed with an “improved” boiler that evolved upon the standard aluminum design. The new boiler had a Teflon-like coating on the inside that was designed to reduce wear and expand lifespan. Unfortunately, some users started seeing small black flakes of this coating coming out of their machines’ steam wand and even through the group head.

Defective Polymerization

The Teflon-like material (which was actually a food-safe compound called EXELIA 3010) failed to polymerize during the coating process. Although Gaggia has shared little about the root cause, this failed coating process is the origin of the little black flakes.

Community Discovered

The issue was first brought into the spotlight in early 2024 as Reddit users from the /r/gaggiaclassic subreddit started to share their experience of a flaking boiler. As more and more users started to share this experience, It became clear that this was not an isolated occurrence and that there was a serious problem with the GCP Evo.

Read the Full Original Store Here

Current Community Response

As early as January 2024, Gaggia and primary U.S. distributor Whole Latte Love (WLL) began to offer refunds or exchanges for defective GCP Evo units. And while many users are thankful they can fix their problematics GPCs, others are not satisfied with how the situation has been handled. Some, on the other hand, think the entire controversy is overblown.

Continued Defects

Continuous Faulty Boilers

Into March 2024, users continue to report defects with their Gaggia Classic Pro Evo units. Those who recently got their hands on their first GCPE are reporting similar problems as users from earlier batches in December and January. In addition, users who have gone through the replacement process to get ‘new’ boilers are also reporting the same defects in the replacements.

International Handling

International Returns Boilergate

Other users of the GCPE who are not based in the United States are having even more difficult time handling their defective boiler. One owner based in Mexico was turned away from Gaggia EU’s warranty program and told to go through Amazon for a refund. Others feel the same way and a shared sentiment seems to pop up throughout the Gaggia forums and Facebook pages.

Totally Overblown

Boilergate Overhyped

Some community members think that the entire situation may be totally overblown. One Reddit user shared their continued interest in the GCP Evo, even in the current context. Their question on if the controversy was overhyped led to a lively Reddit discussion on the state of the GCPE, the benefits of a standard Gaggia Classic Pro, and the response of Gaggia and Whole Latte Love. (See the Reddit thread here)

Manufacturer And Vendor Response

Returns & Refunds

Since the break of this controversy, both Gaggia and Whole Latte Love have been willing to help almost all U.S. and EU-based consumers sort out their defective problems.

Whole Latte Love

Whole Latte Love Returns

WLL is currently offering 3 methods to rectify the issue, including:

  • An option for users who have a defective unit with the original packaging and would like a new replacement unit. Whole Latte Love has offered to provide an electronic shipping label so that consumers are able to return the defective product. Upon receipt of the original machine, WLL will dispatch the replacement unit.
  • An option for users who have a defective unit without the original packaging. Whole Latte Love will pre-emptively send the replacement unit, and then consumers can use the replacement unit's packaging to return the original item. Note: A credit card is required for this item, but it will only be charged if both machines are kept.
  • An option for a full refund from WLL is also available for buyers who would like to wash their hands of the entire situation. While many users are opting for a replacement unit, some more skeptical consumers have decided not to move forward with the replacement.


Gaggia Response To Boilergate

Although Gaggia has shared limited information on how they are tackling this issue - reports from Reddit show that Gaggia is sending out the new uncoated boilers as a temporary solutions. (Reddit thread here)

Not Enough

Boilergate Response Not Enough

The biggest thorn is that Gaggia and Whole Latte Love have yet to make or share public announcements communicating the ongoing problem with home baristas who may not be as active on Reddit or Facebook. Since the breaking of the story, Whole Latte Love has kept their standard Gaggia Classic Pro Evo product page, without any information on the coating, nor steps on how to replace.

Similarly, Gaggia has no easily discoverable documentation or press release and is far from issuing a full recall. Although the response to the known impacted units has been swift, it leaves something to be desired in the overall forthcomingness of the brands.

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