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La Marzocco Linea Mini Redesign 2024


Nearly a decade ago La Marzocco released the original Linea Mini, eight years after the launch of the ultra-luxe GS3 in 2007. Recently, espresso enthusiasts learned that La Marzocco was shipping a redesigned version of the beloved premium machine, and Minis Rs (Redesigns) have been cropping up on countertops and social feeds of delighted home baristas.

Sitting between the GS3 and the Linea Micra, the redesigned Linea Mini is a welcomed refresh to La Marzocco’s high-end home brewer lineup.

In this spotlight we will touch on the redesigned Linea Mini’s new features and see how it compares to its smaller sibling, the Micra.

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What is The Linea Mini?

Professional, At Home

In 2007, the super high-end GS3 was released to the espresso world, serving as the centerpiece of the most demanding home barista’s countertop as well as the workhorse of small commercial applications. Unfortunately, from the machine's underwhelming aesthetics and finish to La Marzocco’s poor customer support, the launch was widely panned.

After restructuring its U.S. subsidiary, LM launched the more elegant Linea Mini in 2015, getting much more right this time around. Unlike the original GS3, the detail and simplicity of the Linea Mini’s aesthetic matched far more closely with its staggering price. True to the machine’s name, La Marzocco reduced the Linea Mini’s weight and power draw compared to the GS3 by integrating a compact brew boiler directly into the grouphead.

Since its launch nine years ago the Linea Mini has become a reference machine in the premium (and beyond) tier of home and light commercial barista equipment.

New Features of the Redesigned Linea Mini

Linea Mini 2024 Features

The new Linea Mini brings updated aesthetics including soft-touch surfaces, an understated and modern drip tray design, and a host of enhanced features to keep up with the evolving tools of home baristas:

Built-in shot timer

The Linea mini’s solid metal trim now hosts a digital shot timer which sits just above the familiar semi-automatic paddle.

Auto back flush and standby mode

The redesigned Mini includes an automatic backflushing and a customizable standby mode which should speed up cleaning and routine maintenance cycles.

Group cap adopted from commercial espresso machines

La Marzocco seems to be down-cycling commercial-grade parts into its home machines, though it’s unclear how this benefits owners beyond the perception of a sturdier machine.

Cool-touch steam wand

As advertised, the cool-touch steam wand prevents burns and comes standard; owners of the original Linea Mini could upgrade (for an $800 premium) to La Marzocco’s “Performance Touch” steam wand. These wands’ current marketing doesn’t highlight their differences–we hope to learn more soon.

Pre-infusion system

A two valve pre-infusion system brings presumably more flexibility for the timing tinkerers and according to La Marzocco speeds up the Linea Mini’s self cleaning process.

Extended timeout period

Though advertised separately this extended timeout feature seems to be a part of the overall preinfusion system and will allow for up to 99-seconds of lower pressure.

Easy pressure adjustment

La Marzocco has made it easier to make fine-tune adjustments to the redesigned Mini’s pressure, though we’re unsure if this is via a hard switch on the machine or the Home app.

Rinse mode for efficient cleaning

A straightforward addition, the Mini now has a dedicated Rinse mode to facilitate quicker cleanup.


The redesigned Linea Mini pairs with LM's Brew By Weight-brand scales. It isn't entirely clear which or if any the programmable features are controllable on the machine or require the Home app.

Soft-touch components

The redesigned Mini ditches its original tactical sensibilities in favor of soft-touch components. For many this is more a matter of personal preference than a true feature upgrade.

What is the Same

We haven't (yet!) done a part-by-part comparison, but the redesigned Linea Mini appears to incorporate the same boilers, PID, paddle, pump and instrumentation as its predecessor.

While LM's website copy and technical documentation conflict, we're confident the Linea Mini Redesign has the same physical dimensions, weight, and power draw as the current version, though it's launching with seven different finishes; the original Linea Mini launched with four.

What is Missing or To-be-confirmed?

Micra 2024 Redesing Missing


The redesigned Linea Mini has the same $5,900 price tag as the original, and while it’s hard to debate missing features when the price hasn’t changed, it’s worth pointing out that the original Linea Mini’s price has increased steadily over its lifetime, from as low as $4,200 to the current $5,900.


There are reports that the included portafilter is the same one included with the Micra. The wider espresso community generally finds this portafilter’s quality lacking compared to the machine. Higher-quality accessories ought to come standard at this wallet-melting price point.

Home App

While we learn more over the coming weeks, it should be noted that La Marzocco’s Home app continues to be a serious frustration for Linea Mini and Micra owners. Based on its overall 1.8-star rating which repeatedly mention major bugs and missing functionality, we are concerned how much of the redesigned Linea Mini’s programmability depends on the Home app.

If future features and machines become more dependent on the Home app then we’d hope La Marzocco makes a major effort to resolve the complaints and design a quality experience that espresso enthusiasts have come to expect from them.

Comparison: Mini Redesign vs Micra

La Marzocco Linea Mini vs Linea Micra

The Linea Micra sits beneath the Mini as LM's most compact, dedicated-for-home offering. The Micra features dual brew/steam boilers (300ml integrated group head boiler and 1.6L steam boiler) with gauges, PID, basic pre-infusion, and a 2L water reservoir with an advertised 15-minute heating time. For better or worse, the Micra also works with and to some extent relies on the La Marzocco Home app.

Setting aside a few shared design specs, the Micra is squarely aimed at home use and lacks many of the redesigned Mini's new features and programmability. Its physical controls have the same feel as the original Mini, and it can’t match the Mini’s capacity and raw output–espresso cart and truck owners who need quantity and quality should consider alternatives. And of course, the Micra’s slimmed footprint leaves more countertop real estate.

Those seeking a consistent shot and who don't need fine-grain adjustability will be happy with the Micra, while those who like to experiment or need a commercial-duty machine will get both from the redesigned Mini.

Where to Buy

The redesigned 2024 Linea Mini is available now at La Marzocco, Clive's Coffee, and Seattle Coffee Gear.

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